Anthony Chiasson

Anthony Chiasson is an accomplished hedge fund manager and was the co-founder of Level Global Investors LP, which he grew from $500 million to over $4 billion in assets under management during the Fund’s eight-year existence. At a time of strong momentum in the Fund’s growth trajectory, Level Global was forced to close its doors in 2011 after becoming publicly embroiled in the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York’s crackdown on insider trading.  After steadfastly maintaining his innocence and asserting that the government’s legal theory was seriously flawed, Anthony’s case culminated in an unequivocally clear and emphatic ruling by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in his favor.  The Supreme Court of the United States denied the government’s petition for a hearing on the matter, thereby making Anthony and his co-defendant the first to successfully challenge the government’s now discredited legal theory in an insider trading case.   Furthermore, the SEC dropped all charges in its case, and, in a significant action, refunded an earlier settlement of $21.5 million to Level Global and its investors.